Strengthening your Communication Channels


One of the key components of a business is establishing good communication lines with both clients and suppliers. Today’s technology gives entrepreneurs the flexibility to choose the modes that they prefer to keep in touch. And since the Internet is currently the most widely used media for all kinds of transactions, it is understandable why electronic mail is the most widely used means in all types of commercial deals.

While there is no question that e-mailing has made communication a whole lot easier than the traditional mail service, it has setbacks as well. If you don’t find a way to organize the mails you get into general categories, you will waste a lot of time sorting through the messages in your Inbox. This can reach several hundred in minutes and while a lot of them are probably about your business and other related concerns, you will have your share of spammed mails as well.

To avoid being bogged down by the emails that you get, try to keep your Inbox clear by deleting the messages that you don’t need as soon as you get them. This way you can concentrate on the ones that are relevant to your business. In the same way that you put folders and other written correspondence in filing cabinets, it makes sense to “file” your messages in electronic folders as well. This makes retrieval and referencing so much easier.

You can group the mails in categories, file them in folders, and label them appropriately. This will help you sort through your messages easier and faster. You can group them according to topic or according to the sender’s name which is an easy way to mark major suppliers and valued clients. So you set up folders for co-workers, family members or friends, among others. You can also group messages into general topics for your personal subscriptions and newsletters. Another option is to set up a to-do list for the different tasks that you have to attend to. In time, filing your messages will become second nature and you’ll be surprised at how efficiently things will run in your office.

But even with the presence of the Internet and other related technologies, traditional mails still have their value in any business. The delivery of original copies of legal documents, small packages and goods are still done the old fashioned way. In recent years, the US Postal Service came up with additional components to the routine mail service to encourage businesses to continue using them. The newly developed features include registered and certified mails, signature validation, enhanced security and the recovery of an item in the event that it gets lost. Most businesses though use CBU mailboxes in their buildings or offices because it is an effective way of getting everyone’s mails even when some are out on a field trip or a client call.

For more on CBU mailboxes, check out this website.

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