New Projects for September

Where in the world has Mint Idea been? We have surfaced for just a second to share all the astonishing work we have recently completed

We have been really busy creating websites, user interfaces, online applications for our clients, most of them are “Top Secret” as they are still in the development stages so we can’t show you them!

But we have added some new projects that we can share with you to the portfolio section of the website, so do go and have a peek!

In other news we have now added a fully interactive client section making it even easier for our clients to see what stage of the project we are at its called “Activecollab” its a very usufully project management system we can’t wait for the next version to come out. For more details please

Also look out in december for a new “Mint Idea” website with even more features…

Take care

Mint Idea.