Home remedies for cockroach bites

Cockroaches are arguably some of the most annoying creatures that invade homes. And did you know they also bite? Now you know! They actually do bite! Well, roaches carry a lot of disease causing bacteria and thus you should beware of their bites. Fortunately, you do not need to rush to the emergency room once a cockroach bites you in order to find a remedy for the cockroach bite. You can make your own home remedy that will help treat the bite thus saving you money.

Cockroach bites are not common and they occur when there is food stuck on your skin or when the roach is scared. The first step towards treating the cockroach bite is identifying the bite. So, how do you identify a cockroach bite?

Identifying a cockroach bite

The best way to notice a cockroach bite is when you see the roach biting you. The bites are not that obvious since the roaches mostly bite when you are asleep. A cockroach bite is similar to that of a bedbug and the only difference is that the cockroach bite is bigger. So, how do you treat a cockroach bite?

Treating the cockroach bite

You don’t have to worry about the cockroach bite as you can easily treat it at home. Here are steps that will enable you to treat the cockroach bite without having to spend money on medication.

  • Wash the bite

Once you have noticed the cockroach bite, ensure you wash it with clean water and soap. This will reduce the chances of the bacteria from the cockroach infecting you. Additionally, if you notice that the bite has swollen, be sure to apply ice to reduce swelling and inflammation.

  • Home remedies to apply

There are various home based remedies that will help in treating the bite. Some of the remedies to apply include: tea bags, alcohol, a piece of onion, the inside of a banana peel, aloe Vera gel Lemon Juice and a mixture of water and baking soda. In case of allergic reactions due to the bite, be sure to seek medical attention.

  • Eliminate the roaches

The surest way to stay clear of the cockroach bite is by keeping your home free of roaches. Ensure your home is clean and that there are no food particles on your bed. There are various insecticides that you can use to eliminate the roaches. However, be sure to carefully study the type of cockroach in your home so that you can know the ideal insecticide to use.


Cockroaches can be a menace if not properly handled. More to that, the fact that their bites are hard to notice makes them more annoying. Fortunately, cockroach bites are not fatal and they can be treated with basic home ingredients. Be sure to keep monitoring the bite to see if there will be any further complications. Now that you know how to deal with the annoying roaches, do not let them interfere with your peace at home!