Starting on the Right Foot



The growth of small businesses these days are in record numbers and more and more are being set up each day. Lawmakers all over the globe recognize the positive impact this growth would have on their country’s economy which is why a lot of policies are geared towards supporting these efforts.

This is considered by people in the industry as best age of entrepreneurship and many are positive that this trend will continue on to the next decade. If you have a head for business, this is the best time to try it out. A lot of financial institutions right now are offering assistance to individuals who have solid business plans. They are as enthusiastic in providing resources to qualified people because they also stand to gain from the process.

There are however, some critical issues that need to be settled before you can continue on the path of entrepreneurship. The first one is coming up with the legal identity of your business venture. It can be as sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited company. The intricacies of each of this option can be best explained by a legal consultant. You can check out various legal agencies online or ask for personal referrals from your friends and family. Law offices like Crowe & Mulvey, LLP can offer legal assistance and sort out your requirements to ensure that you have complied with different business policies.

Having legal counsel is a necessity for all businesses because they have the expertise to help you meet up with the varied laws that covers taxes, business practices, and legal requirements, among others. The simplest set up that you can have is sole proprietorship. It is the cheapest to put up and involves no tax benefits because the risk is placed entirely on the shoulders of the owner. The act of registering your company ensures that your liability is restricted and you’re your venture is well protected in the future.

Other legal barriers that need sorting out include the rental of a business space. As a start up business, you need to be protected in negotiating leases and should have back up options in the form of early break clauses if things don’t turn out as you planned. Going into any financial arrangement also requires legal protection so that you don’t get in over your head with investment agencies. This is apart from satisfying the basic requirement like registering your business name and logo and complying with commercial licenses.

The Intricacies of Web Development


Web development often gets confused with web design but these are two entirely different things. Development involves the behind the scenes work which includes the programming and the different interactive processes that users don’t see. The main task of a developer is to make sure that a site works properly which means that clients get to do all kinds of stuff on the website. For instance if the site is an online fashion boutique, then users should be able to easily check out all the items on the site, select the ones they like which should be grouped together in a virtual cart and go smoothly through the payment processing.


Web developers should have a good command of programming languages and scripts so they will have a clear idea of how to maintain a site and ensure that it is running efficiently. The work involves a range of tasks that can be as simple as a static on one page of a site to checking out the glitches on an application and how it affects the overall function of a website. The cost of hiring a developer is dependent on how complicated is your criteria for the site.

Creating a site online is world apart from creating a page for a magazine because the result of your project can be drastically different from the actual work that you’ll do which is all about using the proper codes and script. Developers work with a number of platforms and applications to define the color template of a page and make the browsers works efficiently, among other things.


For new entrepreneurs, the best case scenario is to have a high quality website for a reasonable price. Small organizations often contract the services of a qualified webmaster or at least someone with extensive experience in the field. Developers are individuals who are highly skilled in technical writing and they have become a critical element in the management of all kinds of businesses. Their work is directly influenced by web designers who are in charge of coming up with overall creative concept for the site.

Most providers of web development also offer related service such as Search Engine Optimization which makes use of varied techniques to improve online visibility. This can be in the form of promotional methods that are aimed to direct traffic to your site.