New Projects for September

Where in the world has Mint Idea been? We have surfaced for just a second to share all the astonishing work we have recently completed

We have been really busy creating websites, user interfaces, online applications for our clients, most of them are “Top Secret” as they are still in the development stages so we can’t show you them!

But we have added some new projects that we can share with you to the portfolio section of the website, so do go and have a peek!

In other news we have now added a fully interactive client section making it even easier for our clients to see what stage of the project we are at its called “Activecollab” its a very usufully project management system we can’t wait for the next version to come out. For more details please

Also look out in december for a new “Mint Idea” website with even more features…

Take care

Mint Idea.

An overview of Android OS

The Android OS is an operating system owned by Google, with the primary objective to be the most efficient OS for the growing smartphone market. Did you know that Android Inc. was originally founded in 2003 and bought by Google in 2005.  Since then, Google spearheaded the project and involved gadget and component manufacturers, providers of software solutions and platforms, and marketing executives.

The first commercial version of Android was released on September 23 2008, and Google gives Android free of cost to cell phone manufacturers.

Android is Open Source

  • The users of Android have access to the source code.
  • The users of Android can change the source code and create new versions of the operating system.
  • If you success in changing the source code to a new and working version of the operating system, you can distribute this to other users.


HTC’s G1 device which was distributed by T-Mobile was the first Android-capable handset that was introduced. Prior to its release, Google enticed developers and programmers to join the “Android Developer Challenges” by offering prizes to the top entries. This strategy resulted in the improved dynamic capabilities of the Android which permitted users to perform a variety of functions that include browsing and downloading applications straight to their mobile phones.


The Android’s capacity as a multi-functioning environment is a result of the combination of a lot of technologies which includes using the Linux kernel as its core structure. It utilizes the Windows applications and makes use of widgets to display features like the drop down lists and edit boxes. Other features include wide ranging connectivity options, and a link to Google Maps which allows users to directly access a specific location while using an application, and support for a camera. Some devices even come equipped with a GPS.

This system brought a huge improvement in the graphics and data storage options of mobile applications by incorporating a stronger support for the 2D and 3D graphics and utilizing the open source SQLite database for storage. While the initial target for the development of the Android system was solely for mobile phones, the wide ranging functions that it is now capable of makes it entirely suitable for use in other applications and platforms.

New website launches today

So its official were launched, new website, offering new products, we even now have a toll-free number for Canada and the USA very exciting. I soon move into a new office so everything is on the up!

– If your interested in getting a website, logo, e-commerce, for your business drop me a message, or give me a phone call so we can chat.

I am enthusiastic and love what I do, so let me know if I can help you.